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Within France delivery is subject to the terms and conditions, normally carriage paid, either by our own service, or by 2-3 day carrier service, or by the service of our Distributor. Requests for urgent deliveries (eg. Overnight) could be subject to extra charges. Where delivery is effected by a third party some hazardous products incur a $108.00 delivery surcharge. Our sales department will advise. Delivery outside the France is usually made by Air/Sea Freight, but shipments for urgent items can be arranged by Air Freight. As many of our products are, to some degree, hazardous it is not normally possible for us to despatch “heavy orders” by Courier Service except for “sample orders”. Certain items for export can require either an import or export license, and this is liable to delay shipments if these licenses are not readily available. Shipment of products of mixed hazard is very dependent on acceptance by the shipping line. We have indicated in the main body of the catalogue those items which can cause shipping difficulties due to hazard incompatibility. It is always wise to remember that these goods are likely to have to be shipped separately from other hazards, and therefore incur additional costs. We will do our best to ensure shipment is made quickly and effectively, but we cannot be held responsible for delays caused by the issue of licenses or by the shipping line


All France prices are quoted in euros, exclusive of VAT, and include the cost of our standard packaging. We reserve the right to charge separately for refundable and non-standard containers and/or packaging. For export, unless otherwise stated, all prices are quoted in unit of European Union currency, the euro, nett, ex works and include all packaging costs. Quotations are usually made on a C & F basis, with prices in euro, and are valid only for the duration specified on the quotation. All documentation charges, and freight charges are shown separately on invoices and quotations. Where forwarding agents are nominated by the customer all fees charged by such agents are for the customer’s account.


For FRANCE customers we do not have a minimum order value. To cover packaging and administration costs, orders under €1,000.00 are subject to a small order/ delivery charge of €210.00. For orders of €1,000.00 or over there is a delivery charge of €250.30 The delivery charge for overnight is €320.00 regardless of order value.


We also do not have a minimum order value for export orders, however the documentation and despatch procedures for such are necessarily complex and costly and small orders are often uneconomical for the purchaser. We therefore suggest that where possible you consolidate your orders. We will be happy, under your instructions, to do this for you. Where payment is by letter of credit, we reserve the right to add additional charges to orders where the goods total is under €100,000.00 (EURO).


Our pricing structure for SSD chemicals gives customers purchasing multiple quantities of a particular product significant savings over the equivalent “one off” rate. This is because many SSD products are packed into standard packs of 4, 6, or 12 depending on the pack size. Further discounts can be available for larger quantities in multiples of the standard pack and these prices will gladly be given on request.


Legislation concerning the supply of certain ssd chemicals which may be used for black, green or any other coloured money purposes is constantly under review, and Ridex Laboratory makes every effort to comply and support this legislation. Consequently it may be necessary on certain occasions to request proof of end use (consignment of defaced notes), before we are able to supply. Some products which may be the subject of these controls are marked “May be subject to export control”.


The Ridex Laboratory Products Quality System is accredited to ISO 9001, and regularly audited by NQA, a USAS accredited body. This means that all customers can be sure that all our ssd products and services we provide are of consistent high quality.


We are often asked about the shelf life of our bottled ssd chemical products, and whether or not they have an expiry date. We chose the most suitable packaging for all our ssd products, and provided these goods are unopened and stored under suitable conditions, then the majority of the products listed in the catalogue can be deemed to have an “unlimited” shelf life in as much as it isn’t open. All products carry a date when it is suggested that chemical are retested to ensure that they still conform to the specification to which they were supplied. We also appreciate that there are a few customers who, because of the industry that they are involved in, prefer not to have a retest date for the product. This we are quite happy to undertake, provided that this is made very clear on all orders, or in all discussions.